I understand a lot more about writing than I do about coaxing photos from the brains of my computer into my blogs!  My title for yesterday’s post was based, in part, on the photo I wanted to include because it says a lot about how this writer sees her material come to life… and I am not alone.  Based on the number of other writers I read about saying how they still gravitate to the classic spiral notebooks with pens and/or pencils to breath life into their hearts and souls through the magic of words, I dedicate this post to us.  Computers are wonderful tools for polishing up our writing, whether we post/publish or not.  But our pure raw writing… that “spilling of ink” that is our life’s blood… literally flows through from thoughts to arms to fingers and on into pens/pencils and finally onto virgin paper.  There is a mysterious life force that can be felt, but not easily explained, when we see and feel the process unfold.  To twist a popular quote: if you prick us, do our fingers not spill words?  Happy blogging… happy writing!